Special batches of cables at reasonable prices

Varastopäällikko Sami Laakkonen ja toimitusjohtaja Matti Mursu kertovat erikoiseristä.
Warehouse Manager Sami Laakkonen (left) and CEO Matti Mursu state that cables are delivered promptly to various locations.
In our warehouse in Porvoo, there are varying quantities of various cable items, which we sell with fast delivery times for different projects and locations. Here are a few examples of our current special batch cables:
•KLM and KLMA cables
•MPLM cables
•MK 90C 50 lightweight grounding conductors
•MMJ 5 x 6 S white cable

The current list of special batch cables has now been updated on our website. Check out the current special batch products at kajote.fi/specialbatches

For more information and prices, contact our sales department: phone +358 19 5480 800 or email sales@kajote.fi