Special cables​

According to the customer needs we also produce  products that differ from our standard products. In these tailored products we define together with the customer the needs taking in account the existing standards and regulations. Through our wide supplier network we choose the most suitable raw materials for achieving the desired properties for the cable.
Some examples of our special cable projects:

An example of hybride cables

In hybride cables the idea is to gather different kind of longitudinal elements under the same plastic sheat. These longitudinal elements can be  wires, cables, supporting elements, fiber optic cables or even plastic tubes.

The benefit of hybride cables is a coherent sheat which covers the chosen elements. The installation gets easier because all chosen elements are installed at same time. The connections can be perfomed in advance at the production site environment, increasing thus the reliability of its functionality.

An example of airport ground lightning cables

Since a decade we have produced cables as a sub-supplier for airport ground lightning applications. Cables and peripheral components (connectors, transformers and electronic pc boards) are of top quality, which guarantees a reliable functionality in a challenging environment. Cables and peripheral components must stand high temperature changes, water, ice, kerosene, anti-freeze and defrosting liquids. Seamless connection between peripheral components and cables must be totally perfect in order to avoid a liquid leakage inside the electrical connectors. Seamless connection and encapsulation between the cables and peripheral components is made by using injection molding. In injection molding the machine injects similar plastic raw material on peripheral components as used on the cable sheat. Thus a seamless and liquid protected connection is achieved.  This method can be used in similar, very demanding applications, where high temperature changes and liquid resistance are required.

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We also manufacture cables that deviate from our standard products according to customer requirements.

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Special batches are cables that deviate from standard lengths. They are of the same high quality as our standard length products.

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