Halogen free portable connection cable

MSK HF (H05Z1Z1-F)

300/500 V
StandardEN 50525-1-2011, EN 50525-3-11-2011
CertificateCertificate FI 41006 MSK HF
Certificate NCS 21 018 MSK HF
CPR -fire classEca (EN 50575:2014+A1:2016)
Declaration of performannce (Dop)MSK_HF_KAJOTE_FIN
ConductorAnnealed copper wire, stranded, flexible. Class 5 (EN 60228)
InsulationHalogen free insulation material
CablingCores twisted together
SheathHalogen free sheating material
ApplicationFlexible connection cable for mobile devices for households and offices. In locations where halogen-free and low-smoking cables are required. Not for outdoor use.
Operating temperaturemax +70°C
Handling temperaturemin -15°C
Packingcoil, drum
Product numberNumber of cores and nominal cross-section of conductors
CPR -fire classOuter diameter of cable
Max. resistance of conductor at
Total weight
kg / km
Standard packing
0405320MSK HF 2x0.75 N WHITEEca6.42656100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405324MSK HF 2x1,0 N WHITEEca6.619.563100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405326MSK HF 2x1,5 N WHITEEca7.813.390100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405328MSK HF 3x0.75 S WHITEEca6.72666100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405330MSK HF 3x1.0 S WHITEEca7.119.577100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405332MSK HF 3x1.5 S WHITEEca8.413.3108100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405334MSK HF 3x2.5 S WHITEEca10.27.98164100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405336MSK HF 4x0,75 S WHITEEca7.22680100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405338MSK HF 4x1,5 S WHITEEca9.313.3130100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405340MSK HF 5x0.75 S WHITEEca926115100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405342MSK HF 5x1.0 S WHITEEca8.819.5122100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405344MSK HF 5x1.5 S WHITEEca10.513.3174100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405346MSK HF 5x2.5 S WHITEEca12.57.9825350 coil
0405348MSK HF 2x0.75 N BLACKEca6.42656100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405350MSK HF 2x1,0 N BLACKEca6.619.563100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405352MSK HF 2x1,5 N BLACKEca7.813.390100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405354MSK HF 3x0.75 S BLACKEca6.72666100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405356MSK HF 3x1.0 S BLACKEca7.119.577100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405358MSK HF 3x1.5 S BLACKEca8.413.3108100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405360MSK HF 3x2.5 S BLACKEca10.27.98164100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405362MSK HF 4x0,75 S BLACKEca7.22680100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405364MSK HF 4x1,5 S BLACKEca9.313.3130100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405366MSK HF 5x0.75 S BLACKEca926115100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405368MSK HF 5x1.0 S BLACKEca8.819.5122100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405370MSK HF 5x1.5 S BLACKEca10.513.3174100 coil / 1800 pallet
0405372MSK HF 5x2.5 S BLACKEca12.57.9825350 coil