MSK Eca (H05VV-F)

Rated voltage 300/500 V
StandardEN 50525-2-11
CertificateCertificate NCS FI 30376 MSK
CPR -fire classEca (EN 13501-6)
Declaration of performannce (Dop)MSK_KAJOTE_FIN.pdf
ConductorAnnealed copper wire, stranded, flexible
CablingCores twisted together
ApplicationIn domestics and offices as connection cable in light portable devices. Not suitable for outdoor use.
Operating temperaturemax +70 °C
Handling temperaturemin -15 °C
Packingcoil, drum
Product numberNumber of cores and nominal cross-section of conductors
CPR -fire classOuter diameter of cable
Max. resistance of conductor at
Total weight

kg / km
Standard packing

0419450MSK 2x0.75 N WHITEEca6.426.054100 coil / 1800 pallet
0419451MSK 2x1.0 N WHITEEca6.619.560100 coil / 1800 pallet
0419452MSK 2x1.5 N WHITEEca7.513.375100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417930MSK 3x0.75 S WHITEEca6.726.062100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417935MSK 3x1.0 S WHITEEca7.219.570100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417940MSK 3x1.5 S WHITEEca8.413.3103100 coil / 1800 pallet
0419773MSK 3x2.5 S WHITEEca10.27.98152100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417945MSK 4x0.75 S WHITEEca7.226.070100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417950MSK 4x1.5 S WHITEEca9.313.3119100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417954MSK 5x0.75 S WHITEEca8.026.095100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417955MSK 5x1.0 S WHITEEca8.819.5114100 coil / 1800 pallet
0417960MSK 5x1.5 S WHITEEca10.513.3147100 coil / 1800 pallet
0419793MSK 5x2.5 S WHITEEca12.07.9823450 coil
0417932MSK 3x0.75 S WHITEEca6.726.062drum
0417941MSK 3x1.5 S WHITEEca8.413.3103drum
0417961MSK 5x1.5 S WHITEEca10.513.3147drum
0419774MSK 3x2.5 S WHITEEca10.27.98152drum
0417994MSK 5x2.5 S WHITEEca12.37.98234drum
410230MSK 6x2.5 S WHITEEca13.27.98261drum
0419850MSK 3x0.75 S GREYEca6.726.062100 coil
0419570MSK 3x0.75 S BLACKEca6.726.062100 coil
410180MSK 3x1.0 S BLACKEca7.219.570100 coil
0419572MSK 3x1.5 S BLACKEca8.413.3103100 coil
0419571MSK 3x0.75 S BLACKEca6.726.062drum