MKJ 90C H05V2-K

Rated Voltage 300/500 V
StandardSFS 5527 (HD 21.7)
CertificateCertificate NCS FI 30375 MKJ MKJT MKJE 90C
ConductorAnnealed copper wire, stranded, flexible
InsulationHeat-resistant lead free PVC
ApplicationFor fixed installations as connection cable in illuminators and other devices.
Operating temperaturemax. +90 °C
Handling temperaturemin. -15 °C
Packingplastic bobbin mk3, box
Product numberNominal cross-section
of conductor
Outer diameter of cable
Max. resistance of conductor at
+20°C Ω/km
Total weight
kg / km
Standard packing

0415401MKJ 90C 0.5 BLACK2.339.09500 mk3
0415402MKJ 90C 0.5 LIGHT BLUE2.339.09500 mk3
0415406MKJ 90C 0.5 RED2.339.09500 mk3
0415412MKJ 90C 0.75 BROWN2.426.011500 mk3
0415413MKJ 90C 0.75 WHITE2.426.011500 mk3
0415414MKJ 90C 0.75 RED2.426.011500 mk3
0415415MKJ 90C 0.75 ORANGE2.426.011250 mk3
0415416MKJ 90C 0.75 YELLOW2.426.011250 mk3
0415417MKJ 90C 0.75 DARK BLUE2.426.011500 mk3
0415410MKJ 90C 0.75 GREY2.426.011250 mk3
0416103MKJ 90C 0.75 BLACK2.426.011500 mk3
0416106MKJ 90C 0.75 LIGHT BLUE2.426.011500 mk3
0416108MKJ 90C 0.75 GR-YE2.426.011500 mk3
0415418MKJ 90C 1.0 BLACK2.619.514250 mk3
0415419MKJ 90C 1.0 LIGHT BLUE2.619.514250 mk3
0415425MKJ 90C 1.0 DARK BLUE2.619.514250 mk3
0415427MKJ 90C 1.0 BLACK2.619.5143000 box
0415430MKJ 90C 1.0 BROWN2.619.5143000 box