MKEM 90C Eca H07V2-K

Rated voltage 450/750 V
StandardsEN 50525-2-31
CertificateFI 40147 MKEM
CPR -fire classEca (EN 13501-6)
Declaration of performannce (Dop)MKEM_KAJOTE_FIN.pdf
ConductorAnnealed copper wires, stranded, flexible
InsulationLead free PVC
ApplicationFor fixed installation mainly drawn in installation pipes and as inner conductor in devices and centrals.
Operating temperaturemax 90 °C
Handling temperaturemin -15 °C
Packingcoil, plastic bobbin mk3, plywood bobbin, drum, box
Product number

Nominal cross-section of conductor
CPR -fire classOuter diameter of conductor
Max. resistance of conductor at
+20°C Ω/km
Total weight
kg / km
Standard packing

0410802MKEM 90C 1.5 BLACKEca3.113.320250 coil/7500 pallet
0410803MKEM 90C 1.5 LIGHT BLUEEca3.113.320250 coil/7500 pallet
0410804MKEM 90C 1.5 YE-GRNEca3.113.320250 coil/7500 pallet
0410805MKEM 90C 1.5 BROWNEca3.113.320250 coil/7500 pallet
0410808MKEM 90C 1.5 BLACKEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410809MKEM 90C 1.5 LIGHT BLUEEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410810MKEM 90C 1.5 YE-GRNEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410811MKEM 90C 1.5 BROWNEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410813MKEM 90C 1.5 DARK BLUEEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410814MKEM 90C 1.5 REDEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410901MKEM 90C 1.5 VIOLETEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410902MKEM 90C 1.5 GREYEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410903MKEM 90C 1.5 PINKEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410905MKEM 90C 1.5 GREENEca3.113.320250 mk3
0410906MKEM 90C 1.5 WHITEEca3.113.320250 mk2
0410948MKEM 90C 1.5 BLACKEca3.113.3203000 box
0410817MKEM 90C 2.5 BLACKEca3.67.9831200 coil/6000 pallet
0410818MKEM 90C 2.5 LIGHT BLUEEca3.67.9831200 coil/6000 pallet
0410819MKEM 90C 2.5 YE-GRNEca3.67.9831200 coil/6000 pallet
0410820MKEM 90C 2.5 BROWNEca3.67.9831200 coil/6000 pallet
0410823MKEM 90C 2.5 BLACKEca3.67.9831200 mk3
0410824MKEM 90C 2.5 LIGHT BLUEEca3.67.9831200 mk3
0410825MKEM 90C 2.5 YE-GRNEca3.67.9831200 mk3
0410826MKEM 90C 2.5 BROWNEca3.67.9831200 mk3
0410828MKEM 90C 2.5 DARK BLUEEca3.67.9831200 mk3
0410829MKEM 90C 2.5 REDEca3.67.9831200 mk3
0410910MKEM 90C 2.5 PINKEca3.67.9831200 mk3
0410832MKEM 90C 4 BLACKEca4.14.9546100 coil/3600 pallet
0410833MKEM 90C 4 LIGHT BLUEEca4.14.9546100 coil/3600 pallet
0410834MKEM 90C 4 YE-GRNEca4.14.9546100 coil
0410911MKEM 90C 4 PINKEca4.14.9546100 coil/3600 pallet
0410922MKEM 90C 4 REDEca4.14.9546100 mk4
440229MKEM 90C 4 YELLOWEca4.14.9546100 mk4
0410838MKEM 90C 6 BLACKEca5.03.3068100 coil/2400 pallet
0410839MKEM 90C 6 LIGHT BLUEEca5.03.3068100 coil/2400 pallet
0410840MKEM 90C 6 YE-GRNEca5.03.3068100 coil/2400 pallet
0410912MKEM 90C 6 PINKEca5.03.3068100 coil/2400 pallet
0410923MKEM 90C 6 BLACKEca5.03.3068100 mk4
0410924MKEM 90C 6 LIGHT BLUEEca5.03.3068100 mk4
0410925MKEM 90C 6 YE-GRNEca5.03.3068100 mk4
0410844MKEM 90C 10 BLACKEca6.41.91115100 coil/1800 pallet
0410845MKEM 90C 10 LIGHT BLUEEca6.41.91115100 coil/1800 pallet
0410846MKEM 90C 10 YE-GRNEca6.41.91115100 coil/1800 pallet
0410913MKEM 90C 10 PINKEca6.41.91115100 coil/1800 pallet
0410963MKEM 90C 10 REDEca6.41.91115100 coil/1800 pallet
0410930MKEM 90C 10 BLACKEca6.41.91115100 bobbin
0410931MKEM 90C 10 LIGHT BLUEEca6.41.91115100 bobbin
0410850MKEM 90C 16 BLACKEca7.51.21166100 coil/1800 pallet
0410851MKEM 90C 16 LIGHT BLUEEca7.51.21166100 coil/1800 pallet
0410852MKEM 90C 16 YE-GRNEca7.51.21166100 coil/1800 pallet
0410943MKEM 90C 16 REDEca7.51.21166100 coil/1800 pallet
0410914MKEM 90C 16 PINKEca7.51.21166100 coil/1800 pallet
0410855MKEM 90C 16 BLACKEca7.51.211661000 drum
0410856MKEM 90C 16 LIGHT BLUEEca7.51.211661000 drum
0410857MKEM 90C 16 YE-GRNEca7.51.211661000 drum
0410937MKEM 90C 16 BLACKEca7.51.21166100 bobbin
0410938MKEM 90C 16 LIGHT BLUEEca7.51.21166100 bobbin
0410939MKEM 90C 16 YE-GRNEca7.51.21166100 bobbin
0410860MKEM 90C 25 BLACKEca9.50.780271100 coil
0410862MKEM 90C 25 YE-GRNEca9.50.780271100 coil
MKEM 90C 25 REDEca9.50.780271100 coil
0410864MKEM 90C 25 BLACKEca9.50.780271500 drum
0410866MKEM 90C 25 YE-GRNEca9.50.780271500 drum
0410867MKEM 90C 25 REDEca9.50.780271500 drum
0410868MKEM 90C 35 BLACKEca11.00.55435750 coil
0410869MKEM 90C 35 LIGHT BLUEEca11.00.55435750 coil
0410870MKEM 90C 35 YE-GRNEca11.00.55435750 coil
0410872MKEM 90C 35 BLACKEca11.00.554357500 drum
0410873MKEM 90C 35 LIGHT BLUEEca11.00.554357500 drum
0410874MKEM 90C 35 YE-GRNEca11.00.554357500 drum
0410878MKEM 90C 50 YE-GRNEca13.00.38656550 coil
0410964MKEM 90C 50 REDEca13.00.38656550 coil
0410879MKEM 90C 50 BLACKEca13.00.386565200 drum
0410881MKEM 90C 50 YE-GRNEca13.00.386565200 drum
0410882MKEM 90C 70 BLACKEca15.00.272700200 drum
0410883MKEM 90C 70 LIGHT BLUEEca15.00.272700200 drum
0410884MKEM 90C 70 YE-GRNEca15.00.272700200 drum
0410971MKEM 90C 70 REDEca15.00.272700drum
0410886MKEM 90C 95 LIGHT BLUEEca17.00.206990200 drum
0410887MKEM 90C 95 YE-GRNEca17.00.206990200 drum
0410890MKEM 90C 120 YE-GRNEca19.00.1611252200 drum
0410891MKEM 90C 150 BLACKEca20.50.1291450200 drum
0410894MKEM 90C 185 BLACKEca24.00.1061820250 drum