KLMA-LSZH Dca -s2,d2,a2

Rated voltage max. 75 V
StandardSFS 2755:2020
CertificateCertificate FI 40749 KLMA_LSZH
CPR-fire classDca-s2,d2,a2 (EN 50575:2014+A1:2016)
Declaration of performance (Dop)KLMA_LSZH_KAJOTE_FIN
ConductorAnnealed solid copper wire  0,82 mm. Nominal cross section 0,5 mm2. Max. resistance 36,7 Ω/km at +20ºC degrees
Conductor instulationHalogen free PE-insulation material
CablingCores twisted together and collectively aluminium foil taped.
Drain wire: uninsulated tinned copper wire laid in contact with aluminium foil.
SheathHalogen free HFFR-sheating material. A tab is placed under the sheath to make the peeling easier.
ApplicationFor fixed indoor installation purposes for signal-, control- and security systems. Max. operating voltage 75 V.
Operating temperaturemax +70°C
Handling temperaturemin -15°C
Lowest permissible temperature when installing -5°C
Packingplastic bobbin mk4
plywood bobbin
Product numberNumber of conductors and diameter
n x mm
CPR-fire classOuter diameter of cable
Total weight
kg / km
Standard packing
0201006KLMA-LSZH 2 x 0.8+0.8 greyDca -s2,d2,a2532200 mk4 / 9000 pallet
0201007KLMA-LSZH 2 x 0.8+0.8 greyDca -s2,d2,a25
32500 bobbin / 6000 pallet
0201004KLMA-LSZH 4 x 0.8+0.8 greyDca -s2,d2,a25.647150 mk4 / 6750 pallet
0201005KLMA-LSZH 4 x 0.8+0.8 greyDca -s2,d2,a25.647500 bobbin / 6000 pallet