Rated voltage max. 75 V
ConductorAnnealed tinned copper wire
Conductor insulationPVC
ApplicationMainly as connection wire in telephone- and electronics industry.
Operating temperaturemax +70 °C
Handling temperaturemin -15 °C
Packingplastic bobbin mk2
plastic bobbin mk3
Product numberNumber of conductors
and diameter
n x mm
Outer diameter of cable
Total weight

kg / km
Standard packing

0201044KL 1x0.6 YELLOW1.45.0500 mk2
0201047KL 1x0.6 BLUE1.45.0500 mk2
0201049KL 1x0.6 VIOLET1.45.0500 mk2
0201060KL 1x0.8 WHITE1.67.0500 mk2
0201061KL 1x0.8 GREY1.67.0500 mk2
0201063KL 1x0.8 BLACK1.67.0500 mk2
0201064KL 1x0.8 YELLOW1.67.0500 mk2
0201065KL 1x0.8 GREEN1.67.0500 mk2
0201066KL 1x0.8 RED1.67.0500 mk2
0201067KL 1x0.8 BLUE1.67.0500 mk2
0201100KL 1x1.13 WHITE2.012.0250 mk2
0201103KL 1x1.13 BLACK2.012.0250 mk2
0201105KL 1x1.13 GREEN2.012.0250 mk2
0201106KL 1x1.13 RED2.012.0250 mk2
0201218KL 2x0.6 RED/WHITE2.88.0250 mk3
0201221KL 2x0.6 BLUE/RED2.88.0400 mk3
0201223KL 2x0.6 BLACK/GREY2.88.0250 mk3
0201236KL 2x0.8 RED/BLACK3.213.0300 mk3
0201241KL 2x0.8 DARK BLUE/RED3.213.0300 mk3