Rated Voltage max. 75 V
CPR -fire classEca (EN 13501-6)
Declaration of performannce (Dop)AJM_KAJOTE_FIN.pdf
ConductorAnnealed copper wires, stranded, flexible
Conductor insulationPVC
CablingParallel conductors
SheathPVC, flat form
ApplicationFor fixed and half-fixed wiring of electrical equipment in vehicles and for other internal wiring of electrical equipment, working voltage max. 75V. Also used as installation cable in solar electricity systems.
Operating temperaturemax +70 °C
Handling temperaturemin -15 °C
Packingplastic bobbin mk4
plastic bobbin mk3
or coils
Product number

Number of cores and nominal cross-section of conductor
CPR -fire classOuter diameter of cable
width x height
mm x mm
Max. resistance of conductor at
Total weight

kg / km
Standard packing

0231608AJM 2x1.0 BROWNEca3.5 x 5.819,550100 mk4
0231609AJM 2x1.0 BLACKEca3.5 x 5.819,550100 mk4
0231613AJM 2x1.5 WHITEEca4.5 x 7.013,357100 mk4
0231615AJM 2x1.5 BLACKEca4.5 x 7.013,357100 mk4
0231616AJM 2x1.5 BLACKEca4.5 x 7.013,35730 coil
0231617AJM 2x1.5 REDEca4.5 x 7.013,357100 mk4
0231618AJM 2x1.5 GRAYEca4.5 x 7.013,357100 mk4
0231620AJM 2x2.5 WHITEEca5.0 x 8.27,988350 mk3
0231622AJM 2x2.5 BROWNEca5.0 x 8.27,988350 mk3
0231623AJM 2x2.5 BLACKEca5.0 x 8.27,988350 mk3
0231624AJM 2x2.5 BLACKEca5.0 x 8.27,9883500 bobbin
0231641AJM 2x4 WHITEEca5.9 x 9.94,95120100 coil
0231642AJM 2x4 BROWNEca5.9 x 9.94,95120100 coil
0231643AJM 2x4 BLACKEca5.9 x 9.94,95120100 coil
0231462AJM 2x6 BROWNEca6.8 x 11.63,30177100 coil
0231463AJM 2x6 BLACKEca6.8 x 11.63,30177100 coil
0231647AJM 2x10 BLACKEca8,9 x 14,31,9129350 coil